About Me

Madeleine Harwood is an unaccompanied singer-songwriter from Gloucestershire in the UK. She has been singing for over 20 years, from humble beginnings on the karaoke microphone in her local pub at the age of 13 through to the release of her first album Darkest Part in September 2017.

Along the way she has spent 7 years singing Baritone in competitive barbershop with top 5 UK chorus Fascinating Rhythm and top 12 UK quartet Free Range. Earlier in 2017 she reluctantly left this world behind to pursue her songwriting and solo-performing in earnest.

At the age of 15 Madeleine discovered the joys of folk music, and having spent her later teenage years (and those that followed) at numerous folk festivals, began to sing in this style, taking inspiration from such artists as Eliza Carthy and starting to pluck up the courage to sing unaccompanied at singarounds, always to a warm reception.

Having written poetry since her teenage years it seemed only natural that songwriting would follow, but with no one to accompany her she began to carve her niche in exclusively unaccompanied writing and performing. With influences on her poetry ranging from Rumi to Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, and her songwriting from artists as varied as Kate Bush, Nick Cave and Bjork, her songs are honest, telling and heartfelt.

Her performances now take the listener on a journey from the depths of traditional folk music to those that she pens herself – likened to folk, but with influences ranging from blues to gospel.

Her first album Darkest Part deals very deeply with issues regarding mental health, and specifically Bipolar Disorder, which Madeleine was diagnosed with at the age of 30. Not ashamed of her diagnosis, she has since been a great supporter of the wonderful charity Bipolar UK, who do so much to help and support those throughout the country who are struggling with the condition. Anyone who wishes to support the charity can do so by clicking the links found across this website.