Those of you who know me know I suffer from anxiety. You may have noticed that when I perform I spend a lot of time with my eyes closed. I do this because the idea of people looking at me makes me really anxious. Somehow the logic is that if I can’t see you then you can’t see me, flawed as that logic may be.

All this said, the idea of voluntarily putting my performances out there for all to see was and still is a terrifying one. But it is one I know I had to overcome. So the day came last week when a window of confidence led me to grab my cameraman (the long-suffering Matthew) and sequester ourselves in our newly decorated orange music room. In one take I overcame my demons and recorded my loop pedal track Neon City that I spoke about in a previous post.

I hope you enjoy it – leave me a comment with your thoughts!



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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    You always sound brilliant Madeleine. When I perform my poetry I take my glasses off for the same reasons of anxiety. I can see my words in front of me but not the audience. It works (just).


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